An interview with electronica duo Ducks!

Ducks! (Photo by Harriet Clare)

Berlin-based musical duo Ducks! have just released their second album, entitled Nak Nak (the German equivalent of “quack quack”). Lani Bagley and Craig Schüftan have put together an electronica album that explores the theme of water, everything from small ponds to vast oceans. It’s a concept that ties the album together really well, whether it’s through the bubbly sounds in Into the Sea or the lyrics of I See You Sea Creature.

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The Best Record Shops in Berlin

Spacehall, Berlin

The resurgence of vinyl seems unstoppable. In 2016, sales of records hit a 25-year high, and in December vinyl sales overtook digital for the first time. With more and more people buying vinyl, we’ve decided to round up some of the best record shops in Berlin, just in time for Record Store Day on the 22nd of April.

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Bless Home

The Bless label began over two decades ago, in 1996, when fashion designers Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaag embarked on their first collaboration — a somewhat bizarre fur wig. Their collections (now numbering 57) are part fashion, part product design, and part art. You can find many pieces housed in Bless Home, a concept store that stands out amongst the others thanks to its quirkiness — both in content and execution.

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The best things to do in autumn in Berlin

Autumn in Berlin

It’s that time of year again in Berlin. The sky has taken on a uniform shade of grey, the mercury has plummeted to single-digit figures, and it’s raining so much that you could be forgiven for thinking you were in England. But it’s not all bad. Autumn is the perfect time to cosy up in your favourite gemütlichkeit café, walk among the colourful leaves, and remind yourself that although it feels cold, it’s nothing compared to what’s to come — Berlin’s winter, which will freeze your späti beer to your hand and turn the walk to your nearest U-Bahn into a kind of death-defying version of Dancing on Ice. Until that happens, we’ve rounded up some of the best things to do in autumn in Berlin.

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Cycling Berlin: The Berlin Mauerweg

As autumn approached, me and a friend set out on a bike ride to enjoy one of the last days of summer. With no real destination in mind, we headed southeast through Neukölln and ended up cycling along part of the Mauerweg: a 160km long route that traces the former path of the Berlin Wall. It was a route neither of us had taken before, yet one that turned out to be the most enjoyable I’ve encountered in the city.

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Made in Berlin: GANTlights

GANTlights, Berlin

Whilst browsing Instagram one day I came across some stunning lighting products that are not only made in Berlin, but made primarily from concrete. The strong lines and smooth, angular surfaces combine to create products that are both stylish and minimalistic. As well as pure concrete lamps, they are available in a combination of materials such as concrete and oak, or concrete and copper, and there is also a range of porcelain lamps. I paid a visit to the workshop and studio of GANTlights to speak to the man behind it all, Stefan Gant, about the products he creates and his relationship with the city.

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