Comenius Garten: Neukölln’s Green Oasis

Neukölln, although ever-gentrifying, is still one of the grittier districts of Berlin. Discarded furniture lines the streets, graffiti lines the walls, and when walking down the uneven pavements you always have to keep one eye on the ground, because for some reason, people in this bezirk seem incapable of picking up dog excrement. When the urban chaos gets too much a retreat to nature seems like the obvious remedy, and Comenius Garten, in this very district, fits the bill perfectly.

You know those disaster movies where the protagonists are in the eye of the storm, and everything is calm and quiet whilst cows and barns fly around in the distance? Comenius Garten is kind of like that. A quiet oasis, where the hustle and bustle of city life constantly swirls around but never penetrates.

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